Inspect & Check

Let a Culligan Water expert make sure your water is clear as can be!

$39.95 Inspect & Check

Ensure your water softener is operating as efficiently as possible. Schedule an Inspect & Check with your local Culligan Water expert.
What Does an Inspect & Check Include?
  • Check & set regeneration frequency
  • Check & set time of day
  • Check & set salt dosage
  • Check water level in brine tank
  • Check & set salt level in brine tank
  • Inspect softener & plumbing for leaks
  • Explain softener operation
  • Perform a basic water test
  • Provide a written report
  • Report hardness (Demonstrate to the customer the proper method of testing water hardness.)
Why Does It Matter?
Regular maintenance and inspection of your water softener is necessary in ensuring that your system is operating at peak efficiency. After some time, softeners can begin to lose momentum. As a result, you may start to experience the effects of hard water, including dry skin, scale buildup on appliances or fixtures and increased soap usage.
An Inspect & Check is also important to avoid the formation of salt bridges. A salt bridge is a layer of hardened salt crust in your softener's brine tank. High temperatures, humidity or poor salt quality can create a bridge and prevent the resin beads from regenerating.
Salt bridges must be cleared with great caution. Improper cleaning can puncture a hole in the wall of your brine tank.
For installation, regular maintenance and salt delivery, just call your local Culligan Water expert. They're trained and equipped to inspect and maintain water softeners.
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