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USWCG’s customer service standards
In an increasingly competitive environment, excellence in customer service will ultimately determine USWCG’s success as a business. Therefore, the number one goal of every employee is to provide the ultimate experience to all customers — new and existing.

Customers place their trust in Culligan’s ability to solve their water treatment needs, so it is important to return that trust by always exceeding their expectations. The U.S. Water Culligan Group will never get a second chance to make a good first impression, so the team ensures that they take care of the customer’s needs from the very beginning.

Customers renew their commitment every time they pay their bill, and USWCG strives to return that loyalty with superior service, genuine gratitude and a warm smile during every interaction.

Culture & core values of the U.S. Water Culligan Group

If one were to describe the culture at USWCG in a single word, it would be respect. Respect for the customer, respect for employees and respect for colleagues.
All members of the U.S Water Culligan Group team have an entrepreneurial spirit. Through hard work and an unrivaled dedication to customer service, employees have the opportunity to take their careers into their own hands.

Safety is the core value of USWCG, driving our organization’s decisions and operations. As a company that cares deeply about every individual it employs, it is of the utmost importance that team members return home to their friends and families in the same fashion that they arrived at work.

The USWCG mission

To conduct our business each and every day in a manner that encourages our customers to recommend us to others, our vendors to appreciate our patronage and our employees to be proud of where they work.

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U.S. Water Culligan Group history
The USWCG was formed in 1988 when its founder, Randy Easton, acquired his first set of Culligan dealerships. After steady growth in the 1990s, the company saw rapid expansion in the first two decades of the 2000s — finding itself where it stands today.
The earliest softener

Emmett Culligan builds a homemade water softener using two coffee cans and zeolite sand.
Culligan water Company

Culligan officially opens in Northbrook, Illinois.
Portable exchange softener

Culligan introduces the portable exchange (PE) softener by innovating lightweight tanks and carts
World War II

The government asks Culligan to produce silica gel, used to dehumidify moisture-sensitive equipment.
Hey, Culligan Man!®

The “Hey, Culligan Man!®” concept is conceived.
25th anniversary

Culligan celebrates its 25th anniversary & Northbrook, IL, temporarily renames itself “Culliganville.”
1st Easton Culligan dealership

The first Easton-owned Culligan franchise opens in West Union, Iowa.
Culligan expands internationally

The international convention is held in Berlin and welcomes 250 delegates from 19 countries.
Drinking water system

Culligan introduces the first mass-produced reverse osmosis water treatment system.
Randy Easton joins the Culligan system

Randy Easton buys United States Water Company — his first set of Culligan dealerships.
Bottled water introduction

Culligan made its move into bottled water for home and office, adding bottle delivery for customers.
U.S. Water Company expansion

Several locations are acquired in Illinois & Indiana: Randy Easton buys Culligan dealerships in Belvidere, Dixon and DeKalb, IL and Fremont, IN.
U.S. Water Company sees further Midwest growth

U.S. Water Company buys two Culligan dealerships and a competitor water treatment business in Dover and Zanesville, Ohio.
More growth in Illinois

Culligan dealerships in Decatur and Rushville are acquired by U.S. Water Company
Aqua-Cleer® launch

The Aqua-Cleer® RO drinking water system enters the market with more than 100 configurations to allow for customization to treat most water conditions.
High Efficiency Water Softener release

Culligan launches the world’s first high efficiency (HE) water softener and increases its subscription services.
Growth in Chicagoland

U.S. Water Company purchases three Culligan dealerships in the Chicago metro area — Crystal Lake, Wheeling and Bolingbrook.
Mid-Atlantic expansion

U.S. Water Company expands and buys three Culligan dealerships in the Mid-Atlantic Region — Elkridge, MD, Dulles, VA and Ashland, VA.
Additional growth in Chicago

U.S. Water Company expands its reach in the Chicagoland area with the purchase of Culligan of Kankakee.
U.S. Water Company moves into Vegas

U.S. Water expands west and buys Culligan of Las Vegas.
U.S. Water Culligan Group

The Easton organization changes its name to The U.S. Water Culligan Group (USWCG).
ClearLink PRO™ launch

Culligan launches ClearLink PRO™, the only device that gives reverse osmosis water from an existing kitchen tap.
USWCG Virginia expansion

USWCG acquires two Mid-Atlantic competitors, Virginia Water Conditioning Corporation and Almost Heaven.
More Mid-Atlantic growth

USWCG buys Culligan of Shenandoah Valley in Winchester, Virginia.
Las Vegas expansion

USWCG purchases ReadyRefresh® by Nestle® in Las Vegas.
Tankless RO launch

Culligan launches a tankless reverse osmosis system that takes up ⅔ less space than traditional drinking water systems.
Rock Valley addition

USWCG buys Rock Valley Culligan in Loves Park, Illinois.
Aquasential™ product series launch

Culligan launches the Aquasential™ product series, including water softeners, RO drinking water systems and whole home filtration systems — some with smart technology.
USWCG acquires Quality Water Conditioning

USWCG acquires Quality Water Conditioning, a competitor out of Woodstock, IL.