Softener Bypass Videos

Bypass Your Softener When Needed

Culligan products are produced with world-class quality, backed by solid warranties, and serviced by the best trained technicians in the industry. Before you call your local Culligan Man, here are some useful videos to help you bypass your softener when needed.
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What Clients Say
Very pleased with our new softening and filtration system. Our water was extremely hard and the Culligan team solved that problem. No more hard water stains in sinks, glasses and shower doors. Water and ice taste much better too. This system has also extended the life of our clothes washer and dishwasher and potentially the water heater using softer water. Anthony was great to work with, answered all our questions and was excellent with follow-up. I compared their equipment and price with other manufacturers and Culligan is very competitive. The system is extremely "smart", operates off your phone with notifications. Highly recommend and Anthony is very knowledgeable, personable and a no nonsense salesperson.
Culligan Customer
Brad Rapciak
- Culligan Customer