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What to expect during your Culligan water consultation

Our local Culligan water specialist will arrive at your home or business during your scheduled consultation time.
During the appointment, we will:
  1. Discuss your water usage and your water quality concerns.
  2. Discuss the best installation locations, and if necessary, take measurements.
  3. Conduct a free water test for common water issues in your area, like water hardness, total dissolved solids and more if needed. You will receive a copy of the results for your records.
  4. Receive a tailored, free estimate and information on a recommended and affordable solution.

We ask that you:
  • Set aside 25-40 minutes for the water consultation.
  • Have all property owners present for the entire visit.

The Culligan advantage

Unparalleled service
Our local Culligan expert will provide professional, knowledgeable and honest service, respecting your home, your time and your wallet.
Peak-performing product recommendations
Our local water specialist will make product(s) recommendations to address your water quality concerns and explain the benefits of those recommendations.
No obligation
A water consultation doesn’t mean a commitment. You decide if Culligan is a good fit for you. Your Culligan expert will provide a cost estimate and payment options, like buying, renting or financing.